DJ Mix Master Full Download ( 1.4 )

DJ Mix Master Full Download

 From Piano Soft: DJ Mix Master is fully featured DJ music mixing software with many additional features. With DJ Mix Master you can easily make your own music mixes and apply various effects to music. You can transpose or change music speed independently, make song remixes through multiple cue points, and generate warm mood by inserting scratches, vocal scats rape or other funny and interesting sounds. Our goal was not to create the best DJ mixing software for DJ specialist, although there are some features like semitone transpose or simultaneous sample playback, you will not find anywhere else. DJ Mix Master goals are:-Reliable and affordable solution for mixing music mixing software with the simplest user interface. No more unclear situations - first song is playing, the second song on the second player waiting to be played, and is loaded, another song is on the top of the list and is waiting to be played. Which song will be played next? DJ Mix Master keeps confusing two players mixing system behind the scenes. You will always know which song is played straight and next - software has a simple, intuitive interface with a player. DJ Mix Master is easy to use, even for people with basic computer experience. Some of your friendssure love this approach. Stress-free, automated mixing software - you do not have to specify automatic mixing as option to - it will always be there when you get tired of scratching and dance or want to have fun with friends at the party. -Simple and effective mood enhancement through multiple, simultaneous sample playback technology - you can use a prepared set of sounds and vocal samples, or import your own samples and play. With DJ Mix Master you can build an inventory of presented audio files on your computer, add single songs or folders added with songs with the same ease. Also, you can create custom, earlier prepared music play lists, rearrange, save and re-open. The software supports play various audio formats: MP3, WMA, Wave, Ogg Vorbis audio files. Whats new in this version: Version 1.4 may include various updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. View Larger pictures

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  • Language : English
  • Op. System : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
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  • Date : 29.01.2014
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