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ViStart Full Download

 By Lee-Soft: ViStart 8, the best FREE solution for Windows start menu. Regardless of whether you want to have your 8 Start Menu back in Windows or you want to replace your old start menu in the other versions of Windows with something fresh and new. ViStart 8 is the only Windows Start menu solution you will ever need. ViStart 8 is far superior, as well as the official Windows Start menu. After installing ViStart You can choose a 3 improved start menu. The new ViStart 8 has been completely revised and rewritten in the release of Windows8, this was the focus that people their Start Menu back in Windows can have 8. ViStart 8 is also the ultimate start menu replacement for the Start Menu in Windows 7, Vista and even Windows XP. ViStart 8 has all the features of the Windows 7 Start menu, and then some more. ViStart 8 is fully customizable and there are already many additional start menu and start buttons that are available for customizing Windows and can be downloaded from the website One of the special new Start menu is our Windows 8 Metro style, which comes pre-installed with ViStart - but you do not so limited. You can now select from three advanced boot menu after installation ViStart. Get control of your DeskTop back! disable annoying Windows 8 features like the CharmsBar and the Hot Corners withour new, simple and easy-to-use control panel. Now you can easily hide unwanted elements on the right side of the Start menu. Just click the right mouse button and select "Hide this item" or maybe you just want a pop-up on the page. You may even! We have taken the "Internet" and "E-mail" parts from the Start menu and is dedicated space for personalized shopping lists. Now you can click the right mouse button on any program in the Start menu and select "Pin to Start Menu". Annotated objects are essentially shortcuts that appear on the left side of the Start menu until they are manually removed by the user. Super Indexing and improved file search, which is better AND faster than Microsoft! Originally ViStart could only find files from your documents, now can ViStart find files on your entire computer. Sometimes it is useful to see the recent files that have been opened for a particular program. These files will now appear on the side of the Start menu. If you see a small arrow on the right side of a program, click to see the recently opened files for this application. Better yet, ViStart found more files than what the original Windows Start menu would have been found. Whats new in this version: now there are 3 advanced Startmenüs to choose from, plus extra start menu to download Brand new streamlined control panel for easier access to ViStart functions skip the Metro and boot directly to your Windows 8 DeskTop. Find and launch Metro apps right from the Start menu. Optionally, disable annoying DeskTop features, such charmsbar Show \ n Larger pictures

  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Op. System : Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8
  • File Size : 1,15 MB
  • Producer : None
  • Date : 30.01.2014
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