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PDF to EPUB Full Download

 By DNAML: With PDF to EPUB publishers, authors, conversion and design houses can now convert an unlimited number of paperback like PDF eBooks into the industry standard ePub format in just six simple steps. List of features: - Quick conversion (2 to 5 minutes for an average book title). - 100% text accuracy for text PDFs. - Automatic Clause addition algorithm that works automatically across multiple pages. - Splits final HTML into multiple segments correct one, which improve the performance and reduce the memory requirements for ePub readers and eBook devices. - Provides the PDF to EPUB user the option of glyphs (character images) are used in PDF, with custom characters using a simple interface that requires no programming knowledge to override. - Converted ePub will be automatically validated to ensure strength by 100% compatibility with ePub check. - Can convert HTML to PDF, so that web pages of PDF text can be created. - Customize the PDF area, which common problems that occur with other conversion tools in terms of headers and footers of the pages are treated as text. - Provides users of PDF to EPUB a default option with PDF to EPUB predefined rules or custom rules for ePub conversion. - For advanced users - PDF to EPUB a powerful scripting language used (lu.a) to allow the PDF to EPUB, users can individually customize, such as text and images from PDF files will be extracted. - Provides the end user the possibility DPI (resolution) set for images and glyph (character images) set. - Export for Kindle Format. View Larger pictures

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