AirMagnet AirMedic Full Download ( 1.0 )

AirMagnet AirMedic Full Download

 AirMagnet: AirMedic is a new type network tool that brings AirMagnet, which checks the rest of us. Built upon AirMagnet not matched experience in überprüfendem WiFi, AirMedic is a fast and easy to dealing with "just the facts approach" the periodic performance and reliability problems, this all wireless LANs experience. AirMedic does this by bringing the two most important perspectives of WLAN performance Together and combined lab-quality spectrum analysis and basic WiFi traffic analysis in a simple view. In wireless are not all the same problems - some are located on the RF interference from non-WiFi devices such as Bluetooth, while other problems only in the WiFi realm as overloaded devices or configurations are rooted, which lead to low data speeds. Only AirMedic gives you the ability to see both sides of the equation, so you know exactly where things go wrong. With AirMedic you can see RF interference and immediately know the real impact it has on end users in the network. If the problem is not with the RF interference, you can see which have guided tours and equipment problems and why. In addition to this game-changing approach to the reviewing power, AirMedic brings unprecedented flexibility to your wireless toolkit. Unlike other WiFi spectrum analyzers, the costly, individual buildingrequire smoke inaugurated range cards or adapters, AirMedic Intel Centrino 2 processor technology is built-in to the modern Intel laptops effect one. This first of its kind integration means that there are no costly external card that can get lost or broken and that your on testing tools have the same Rf perspective on the climate, which would see an actual end user, meaning better response times and better accuracy. View Larger pictures

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  • Date : 02.02.2014
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