LAN Speed ​​Test Full Download ( 1.1.7 )

LAN Speed ​​Test Full Download

 From Totusoft: LAN Speed ​​Test is designed to be a rock solid tool to easily and accurately measure your file transfer and network speeds (wired and wireless). It does this by building a file in memory, then transfers it both ways (without effects of windows file caching) while keeping track of time, and then does the calculations for you. Simple concept and easy to use. Youll find that LAN Speed ​​Test will quickly become one of your favorite network tools. As with all Totusoft software, LAN Speed ​​Test completely portable - no dll or registry entries. Whats new in this version: Version 1.1.7 \ nNow builds the large test files on the fly in 1 MB chunks instead of the whole thing at a time so that you can test with an unlimited size test packet and LAN Speed ​​Test as long as he (eg, 1 MB = 1,048,576 instead of 1,000,000) displayed \ only to a maximum of 10 MB of memory \ nAll results correctly now as decimal instead of binary formats naktuellen MB written or read in the status box appears \ nkleinere bug fixes View and internal updates \ n Larger pictures

  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Op. System : Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7
  • File Size : 75K
  • Producer : None
  • Date : 02.02.2014
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